Homemade Peach Jam

Experience the essence of summer in every spoonful with our Homemade Peach Jam recipe—a delightful concoction crafted from fresh, ripe peaches and a touch of citrusy zest. Bursting with natural sweetness and vibrant flavor, this jam is a celebration of seasonal abundance and culinary creativity. Whether slathered on warm toast, nestled between layers of a flaky biscuit, or drizzled over creamy yogurt or ice cream, this homemade peach jam is sure to elevate your breakfasts, snacks, and desserts with its sunny disposition. Let’s dive into the simple joys of preserving summer’s bounty with this easy-to-follow recipe.


  • 3 pounds fresh peaches, about 7 medium-sized peaches, crushed to make 4 cups
  • 1 package powdered pectin, approximately 1.75 ounces
  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice
  • 5 cups sugar
  • ½ teaspoon cinnamon or allspice (optional)


  1. Prepare the Peaches: Begin by sorting and washing the fully ripe peaches. Remove the stems, skins, bruises, and pits, then crush the peaches until you have 4 cups of crushed fruit.
  2. Combine Ingredients: In a large pot, measure the crushed peaches and add the lemon juice and powdered pectin, stirring well to combine. Place the pot on high heat and, while stirring constantly, bring the mixture to a full rolling boil with bubbles over the entire surface.
  3. Add Sugar and Spices: Once the mixture is boiling, add the sugar and spices (if using) all at once. Heat the mixture again to a full bubbling boil, stirring constantly. Boil hard for 1 minute, setting a timer to ensure accuracy.
  4. Skim Foam: Remove the pot from heat and skim any foam off the top of the jam. Save the foam, as it can be refrigerated and enjoyed on toast for the next couple of days.
  5. Jar and Process: Immediately pour the hot jam into sterile canning jars, filling them to 1/4 inch from the top. Seal the jars and process them in a boiling water bath for 5 minutes to ensure proper preservation.

Prep Time: 20 minutes
Cooking Time: 6 minutes
Total Time: 26 minutes
Servings: 6
Calories: (Per Serving)

Serving and Storage Tips:

  1. Spread on Toast or Biscuits: Enjoy your Homemade Peach Jam by spreading it generously on warm toast, freshly baked biscuits, or English muffins for a delightful breakfast or snack.
  2. Pair with Cheese: Serve your peach jam alongside a selection of cheeses, such as Brie or goat cheese, for a sweet and savory appetizer or cheese board addition.
  3. Top Yogurt or Oatmeal: Add a dollop of peach jam to plain yogurt or oatmeal for a burst of fruity flavor and natural sweetness.
  4. Drizzle over Ice Cream: Elevate a scoop of vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt by drizzling it with a spoonful of homemade peach jam for a decadent dessert treat.
  5. Incorporate into Baked Goods: Use peach jam as a filling for thumbprint cookies, swirl it into muffin or cake batter, or layer it between cake layers for a fruity twist.
  6. Gift in Jars: Package your homemade peach jam in decorative jars and gift them to friends, family, or neighbors for a thoughtful and delicious homemade present.
  7. Store in a Cool, Dark Place: Store sealed jars of peach jam in a cool, dark place such as a pantry or cupboard to maintain optimal flavor and freshness.
  8. Refrigerate After Opening: Once opened, store any remaining peach jam in the refrigerator to prolong its shelf life and preserve its quality.
  9. Consume Within a Few Weeks: Homemade peach jam will typically keep well in the refrigerator for several weeks after opening, but it’s best enjoyed within a month for the freshest taste.
  10. Use in Recipes: Incorporate peach jam into various recipes such as glazes for grilled meats, sauces for poultry or pork, or as a topping for pancakes or waffles to add a touch of sweetness and flavor.

With these serving and storage tips, you can make the most of your Homemade Peach Jam, enjoying its delicious flavor in a variety of ways while ensuring it stays fresh and tasty for as long as possible. Whether enjoyed on its own or as an ingredient in your favorite recipes, this homemade treat is sure to bring a taste of summer to every bite.

Variations :

  1. Spiced Peach Jam: Add a pinch of ground cinnamon, nutmeg, or ginger to the jam for a warm and cozy flavor profile.
  2. Vanilla Bean Peach Jam: Infuse the jam with the seeds of a vanilla bean for a fragrant and aromatic twist.
  3. Peach Raspberry Jam: Mix in fresh or frozen raspberries to create a delightful combination of sweet peaches and tart raspberries.
  4. Bourbon Peach Jam: Stir in a splash of bourbon during the cooking process for a sophisticated and boozy flavor.
  5. Ginger Peach Jam: Incorporate freshly grated ginger for a subtle kick and added depth of flavor.
  6. Lemon Peach Jam: Add grated lemon zest and a squeeze of lemon juice to brighten up the flavor of the peach jam.
  7. Honey Peach Jam: Substitute some of the sugar with honey for a naturally sweetened version of peach jam with a hint of floral flavor.
  8. Peach Jalapeno Jam: Combine diced jalapenos with the peaches for a sweet and spicy jam that pairs well with cheese and crackers.
  9. Coconut Peach Jam: Mix shredded coconut into the peach jam for a tropical twist that’s perfect for spreading on scones or muffins.
  10. Peach Lavender Jam: Infuse the jam with dried culinary lavender buds for a delicate floral flavor that pairs beautifully with the sweetness of the peaches.

FAQs :

  1. Can I use frozen peaches instead of fresh? Yes, frozen peaches can be used to make peach jam. Thaw them completely before crushing and proceeding with the recipe.
  2. Do I need to peel the peaches before making jam? Yes, it’s best to peel the peaches before making jam to ensure a smooth texture. You can blanch them in boiling water for easier peeling.
  3. Can I reduce the amount of sugar in the recipe? The sugar acts as a preservative and helps the jam set properly, so it’s best not to reduce the amount. However, you can try using a low-sugar pectin for a reduced-sugar option.
  4. How long does homemade peach jam last? When properly sealed and stored in a cool, dark place, homemade peach jam can last up to 1 year. Once opened, it should be refrigerated and consumed within a few weeks.
  5. Can I use this recipe to make other fruit jams? Yes, you can use the same basic recipe with other fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, or apricots.
  6. Do I need to sterilize the jars before filling them with jam? It’s important to sterilize the jars and lids before filling them with jam to prevent spoilage. This can be done by boiling them in water for 10 minutes or running them through the dishwasher on a hot cycle.
  7. Can I use this jam for canning? Yes, this recipe is suitable for canning. Follow proper canning procedures to ensure safe preservation.
  8. How can I test if the jam has set properly? To test if the jam has set, place a small amount on a chilled plate and let it cool for a minute. If it wrinkles when pushed with your finger, it’s ready.

Transform ripe, juicy peaches into a delectable spread of Homemade Peach Jam, and let every bite transport you to the sun-kissed orchards of summer. With just a handful of ingredients and a few simple steps, you can capture the essence of the season and preserve it in jars of golden goodness. Whether enjoyed on freshly baked bread, paired with your favorite cheese, or incorporated into a myriad of recipes, this homemade peach jam is a versatile and delightful addition to any pantry. Embrace the sweetness of summer with each spoonful and savor the taste of homemade goodness in every bite.