Are you tired of the same old side dishes that lack flavor and excitement? Say goodbye to boring veggies and hello to a burst of flavor with our irresistible Garlic Parmesan Roasted Brussels Sprouts recipe. Packed with savory garlic, tangy Parmesan cheese, and aromatic Italian seasoning, this dish will have your taste buds dancing with joy. Plus, it’s incredibly easy to make, making it perfect for busy weeknights or special occasions.


  • 16 ounces (450 grams) of Brussels sprouts, halved, trimmed, and rinsed.
  • 3 tbsp olive oil (you can use melted butter).
  • Half a tsp of kosher salt.
  • Half a tsp of black pepper (cracked).
  • 1 tsp. of Italian seasoning.
  • 3 cloves of garlic, minced.
  • 1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese, adjust to your preference.


Step 1: To prepare the Garlic Parmesan Roasted Brussels Sprouts: Begin by preheating your oven to 400°F (200°C) and ready a spacious baking sheet, optionally lining it with parchment paper for easy cleanup.

Step 2: Then, gently pat dry the Brussels sprouts using paper towels and then transfer them to a spacious mixing bowl.

Step 3: Next, add the olive oil, Italian seasoning, minced garlic, grated Parmesan cheese, kosher salt, and freshly cracked black pepper to the bowl with the Brussels sprouts, and carefully toss to ensure an even coating of the seasonings on the Brussels sprouts.

Step 4: After that, arrange the Brussels sprouts in a single layer on the prepared baking sheet, ensuring they are evenly distributed.

Step 5: Then, bake the Brussels sprouts on the center oven rack for 25-30 minutes until they turn golden brown.

Step 7: Finally, transfer the roasted Brussels sprouts to a serving bowl and, if desired, garnish with fresh chopped parsley.


  • Choose fresh, firm Brussels sprouts.
  • Dry them thoroughly for better seasoning adherence.
  • Coat evenly with oil, garlic, Parmesan, and seasonings.


  • Add a balsamic glaze for sweetness.
  • Incorporate toasted nuts for crunch.


Serving Tips:

  1. Serve as a Side Dish: Garlic Parmesan Roasted Brussels Sprouts are perfect as a side dish for a variety of main courses, such as roasted chicken, grilled steak, or baked salmon. They also make a delicious addition to holiday feasts and potluck gatherings.
  2. Garnish Creatively: Enhance the visual appeal of your dish by garnishing with additional grated Parmesan cheese, a sprinkle of freshly chopped herbs like parsley or thyme, or a drizzle of balsamic glaze for an extra touch of sweetness.
  3. Pair with Dipping Sauces: For added flavor and variety, serve your roasted Brussels sprouts with dipping sauces such as aioli, ranch dressing, or balsamic reduction on the side.
  4. Experiment with Presentation: Get creative with your presentation by serving the Brussels sprouts in a decorative dish or arranging them on a platter with other roasted vegetables for a colorful and inviting spread.

Storage Tips:

  1. Refrigerate Properly: Store any leftover Garlic Parmesan Roasted Brussels Sprouts in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 3-4 days. Make sure the container is tightly sealed to prevent any odors from affecting the flavor of the dish.
  2. Reheat with Care: To reheat, simply place the Brussels sprouts on a baking sheet and warm them in a preheated oven at 350°F (175°C) for about 10-15 minutes, or until heated through. You can also reheat them in the microwave for a quicker option, but be careful not to overcook them, as they may become mushy.
  3. Enjoy Cold: Leftover roasted Brussels sprouts can also be enjoyed cold as a tasty addition to salads or sandwiches, providing a flavorful and nutritious boost to your meals.
  4. Freeze for Later: While Brussels sprouts are best enjoyed fresh, you can freeze any leftover roasted Brussels sprouts for future use. Place them in a freezer-safe container or resealable plastic bag, removing as much air as possible before sealing. They can be stored in the freezer for up to 2-3 months. When ready to enjoy, thaw them overnight in the refrigerator before reheating according to the instructions above.

By following these serving and storage tips, you can ensure that your Garlic Parmesan Roasted Brussels Sprouts remain fresh, flavorful, and ready to enjoy whenever you desire!



  1. Spicy Kick: Add a dash of crushed red pepper flakes or a sprinkle of cayenne pepper to the seasoning mixture for a spicy twist. The heat pairs wonderfully with the savory garlic and Parmesan flavors.
  2. Citrus Zest: Brighten up the dish by adding some freshly grated lemon or orange zest to the seasoning mixture before roasting. The citrusy aroma and flavor will complement the Brussels sprouts beautifully.
  3. Maple Glaze: For a touch of sweetness, drizzle the roasted Brussels sprouts with a maple glaze made from maple syrup, balsamic vinegar, and a pinch of Dijon mustard. The caramelized glaze adds depth and richness to the dish.
  4. Bacon Infusion: Enhance the smoky flavor by tossing cooked and crumbled bacon with the Brussels sprouts before roasting. The crispy bacon adds a delicious crunch and an extra layer of flavor that bacon lovers will adore.
  5. Herbaceous Twist: Experiment with different herbs such as rosemary, thyme, or oregano to customize the flavor profile of the dish. Fresh or dried herbs can be added to the seasoning mixture for a fragrant and aromatic touch.
  6. Cheese Lover’s Delight: Besides Parmesan, try incorporating other types of cheese such as sharp cheddar, Gruyère, or feta cheese for a unique flavor profile. Simply sprinkle the cheese over the roasted Brussels sprouts during the last few minutes of baking until melted and gooey.
  7. Nutty Crunch: Toasted nuts like almonds, walnuts, or pecans can add a delightful crunch to the dish. Simply toss the nuts with the seasoned Brussels sprouts before roasting or sprinkle them over the top during the last few minutes of baking for added texture.
  8. Asian Fusion: Give the recipe an Asian-inspired twist by drizzling the roasted Brussels sprouts with a soy sauce and sesame oil glaze, then garnishing with sesame seeds and thinly sliced green onions for a burst of flavor and color.
  9. Stuffed Brussels Sprouts: For an elegant presentation, hollow out the centers of the Brussels sprouts halves and fill them with a mixture of breadcrumbs, Parmesan cheese, herbs, and garlic before roasting. The result is a deliciously savory and satisfying appetizer or side dish.
  10. Mediterranean Medley: Combine roasted Brussels sprouts with other Mediterranean ingredients such as cherry tomatoes, Kalamata olives, and feta cheese for a vibrant and flavorful salad. Toss the ingredients together with a balsamic vinaigrette for a refreshing and satisfying dish.

With these creative variations, you can elevate the classic Garlic Parmesan Roasted Brussels Sprouts recipe and customize it to suit your taste preferences and culinary adventures!


1. Are Brussels sprouts healthy? Yes, Brussels sprouts are highly nutritious. They are rich in vitamins C and K, fiber, and antioxidants, making them an excellent addition to a balanced diet.

2. How do I choose fresh Brussels sprouts? Look for Brussels sprouts that are firm, compact, and bright green in color. Avoid any that have yellowing leaves or feel soft to the touch.

3. Can I make this recipe ahead of time? While it’s best to enjoy Garlic Parmesan Roasted Brussels Sprouts fresh from the oven, you can prepare the ingredients ahead of time and roast them just before serving for the best flavor and texture.

4. Can I use frozen Brussels sprouts? Fresh Brussels sprouts are recommended for this recipe as frozen ones may not roast as evenly and could result in a mushier texture.

With just a few simple ingredients and easy steps, you can transform ordinary Brussels sprouts into a mouthwatering masterpiece. Whether you’re serving it as a side dish for a family dinner or impressing guests at a dinner party, our Garlic Parmesan Roasted Brussels Sprouts recipe is sure to be a hit. So why wait? Try it today and elevate your side dish game to a whole new level!