Dill Pickle Sloppy Joe Grilled Cheese

Experience the ultimate comfort food fusion with Dill Pickle Sloppy Joe Grilled Cheese sandwiches. This mouthwatering creation combines the classic flavors of sloppy joes with the cheesy goodness of grilled cheese, enhanced with tangy dill pickles for a delightful twist. With savory ground beef, gooey cheddar cheese, and buttery Texas Toast, these sandwiches are a surefire way to satisfy your cravings.


  • 2 teaspoons extra-virgin olive oil
  • 1 pound lean ground beef
  • 1 small sweet onion, diced
  • ½ teaspoon garlic powder
  • ½ cup ketchup
  • 2 teaspoons yellow mustard
  • 2 teaspoons brown sugar
  • ½ teaspoon kosher salt
  • ¼ teaspoon black pepper
  • ½ cup diced dill pickle
  • 8 slices Texas Toast bread (or any thick/sturdy bread of your choice)
  • 2 cups shredded cheddar cheese
  • unsalted butter


  1. Cook the Sloppy Joe Mixture: In a large non-stick skillet over medium-high heat, warm the olive oil. Add the ground beef and onions; cook until the onions are softened and the beef is no longer pink, about 3 minutes. Drain off any excess grease. Stir in garlic powder, ketchup, mustard, and brown sugar. Season with salt and pepper. Add diced dill pickles and mix well. Transfer the mixture to a bowl and cover to keep warm.
  2. Assemble the Grilled Cheese: Wipe out the skillet and return it to medium heat. Spread butter on one side of a slice of bread. Place the buttered side down into the skillet. Top with cheese, a generous amount of sloppy joe mixture, and more cheese. Finish with another slice of bread, buttered side up.
  3. Cook the Sandwiches: Cook until lightly browned on the bottom, about 1-2 minutes. Flip the sandwich over and press down gently to flatten. Continue cooking until the other side is browned and the cheese is melted, another 1-2 minutes. Repeat with remaining sandwiches.
  4. Serve and Enjoy: Serve the Dill Pickle Sloppy Joe Grilled Cheese sandwiches immediately, accompanied by potato chips or extra dill pickles on the side for added crunch and flavor.

Prep Time: 20 minutes | Cooking Time: 5 minutes | Total Time: 25 minutes | Servings: 8

Serving and Storage Tips:

  1. Garnish for Presentation: Before serving Dill Pickle Sloppy Joe Grilled Cheese sandwiches, garnish them with a sprinkle of fresh chopped parsley or a drizzle of Sriracha sauce for an extra burst of flavor and visual appeal.
  2. Accompaniment Ideas: Pair these sandwiches with a side of crispy potato chips, coleslaw, or a simple green salad dressed with vinaigrette to complete the meal. The crunchy texture of the chips or the refreshing crunch of the salad provides a delightful contrast to the cheesy, savory sandwiches.
  3. Creative Serving Options: Cut the grilled cheese sandwiches into bite-sized pieces and serve them as appetizers or finger food at parties or gatherings. They’re sure to be a hit with guests of all ages.
  4. Meal Prep Friendly: Prepare a batch of the sloppy joe mixture ahead of time and store it in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 2-3 days. When ready to serve, simply reheat the mixture on the stove or in the microwave and assemble the sandwiches for a quick and convenient meal.
  5. Freezing Instructions: While it’s best to enjoy Dill Pickle Sloppy Joe Grilled Cheese sandwiches fresh, you can freeze the cooked sandwiches for later enjoyment. Wrap each sandwich individually in plastic wrap or aluminum foil, then place them in a freezer-safe bag or container. Store in the freezer for up to 1-2 months. To reheat, thaw the sandwiches in the refrigerator overnight and then warm them in a skillet or toaster oven until heated through.
  6. Optimal Grilled Cheese Experience: For the best grilled cheese experience, serve the sandwiches hot and fresh off the skillet, when the cheese is still gooey and melty. This ensures that you’ll enjoy the perfect combination of crispy bread and melted cheese with every bite.
  7. Portion Control: If you’re serving a crowd or have leftovers, consider cutting the sandwiches into smaller portions or halves to make them easier to handle and enjoy. This also allows guests to sample different flavors and combinations if you’re serving a variety of sandwiches.
  8. Storage Tips: Store any leftover sandwiches in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 2-3 days. When ready to enjoy, reheat the sandwiches in a skillet over medium heat until warmed through, or in the microwave for a quick and easy meal option.
  9. Make-Ahead Breakfast Option: Transform leftover Dill Pickle Sloppy Joe Grilled Cheese sandwiches into a delicious breakfast by serving them alongside scrambled eggs or as a filling for breakfast burritos. The combination of savory flavors makes for a satisfying start to the day.
  10. Enjoy Every Bite: Whether served as a quick weeknight dinner, a weekend brunch treat, or a party appetizer, savor every bite of these Dill Pickle Sloppy Joe Grilled Cheese sandwiches. Their irresistible flavor combination is sure to make them a new favorite in your meal rotation!


  1. Spicy Kick: Add a kick of heat to your Dill Pickle Sloppy Joe Grilled Cheese sandwiches by incorporating diced jalapeños or a pinch of cayenne pepper into the sloppy joe mixture. For extra spice, drizzle hot sauce over the cheese before assembling the sandwiches.
  2. Vegetarian Option: Substitute the ground beef with plant-based crumbles or lentils for a vegetarian version of this dish. The savory flavors of the sloppy joe mixture combined with melted cheese and pickles create a delicious meat-free alternative.
  3. Cheese Lover’s Delight: Experiment with different types of cheese to create a unique flavor profile. Try using pepper jack, Swiss, or provolone cheese in place of cheddar for a twist on the classic grilled cheese. You can also mix and match cheeses for a more complex and indulgent sandwich.
  4. Pickled Veggie Medley: Get creative with your pickled vegetables by adding a medley of pickled veggies such as carrots, cauliflower, or peppers to the sloppy joe mixture. These tangy additions add extra crunch and flavor to the sandwiches.
  5. BBQ Twist: Infuse barbecue flavor into your grilled cheese sandwiches by swapping the ketchup in the sloppy joe mixture with your favorite barbecue sauce. The smoky sweetness of the barbecue sauce pairs perfectly with the savory beef and tangy pickles.
  6. Greek-Inspired Variation: Give your sandwiches a Mediterranean twist by incorporating ingredients like crumbled feta cheese, chopped black olives, and diced tomatoes into the sloppy joe mixture. Serve the grilled cheese sandwiches on toasted ciabatta bread for a Greek-inspired flavor sensation.
  7. Buffalo Chicken Style: Transform the sloppy joe mixture into a buffalo chicken filling by substituting shredded cooked chicken for the ground beef and mixing it with buffalo sauce. Top with crumbled blue cheese or ranch dressing for a zesty and creamy finish.
  8. Breakfast Upgrade: Turn these grilled cheese sandwiches into a hearty breakfast option by adding a fried egg on top of the sloppy joe mixture before sandwiching between the bread slices. The runny yolk adds richness and indulgence to the dish, making it perfect for brunch.


  1. Can I use a different type of bread for these sandwiches? *Certainly! While Texas Toast provides a sturdy base for the sandwiches, you can use any thick and sturdy bread of your choice, such as sourdough, ciabatta, or artisanal bread, for a unique twist on the classic grilled cheese.
  2. Is it possible to make these sandwiches ahead of time and reheat them later? *While these sandwiches are best enjoyed fresh off the skillet, you can prepare the sloppy joe mixture in advance and store it in the refrigerator for up to 2-3 days. When ready to enjoy, reheat the mixture and assemble the sandwiches for a quick and convenient meal option.
  3. Can I make a vegetarian version of these sandwiches? *Absolutely! Simply omit the ground beef and substitute it with plant-based crumbles or lentils for a delicious vegetarian alternative. The savory flavors of the sloppy joe mixture, combined with cheese and pickles, create a satisfying meat-free option.
  4. How can I adjust the level of sweetness in the sloppy joe mixture? *You can adjust the sweetness of the sloppy joe mixture by varying the amount of brown sugar used. Start with the amount listed in the recipe and adjust to taste, adding more or less sugar as desired.

With their irresistible combination of savory beef, tangy pickles, and melted cheese, Dill Pickle Sloppy Joe Grilled Cheese sandwiches are a surefire crowd-pleaser. Whether enjoyed for lunch, dinner, or a hearty snack, these sandwiches are guaranteed to satisfy your cravings and leave you craving more. Gather your ingredients and get ready to indulge in a mouthwatering flavor sensation that’s perfect for any occasion!