Cream Cheese Pasta

Savor the simplicity and richness of our Cream Cheese Pasta recipe, perfect for those hectic weeknights when you crave a comforting meal without the fuss. With just a handful of pantry staples, you can whip up a creamy and flavorful pasta dish that will leave everyone at the table asking for seconds. Let’s dive into the delightful world of creamy cheese and pasta perfection!


  • 8 ounces thin spaghetti
  • 8 ounces cream cheese
  • ¼ cup Parmesan cheese, grated
  • 2 tablespoons butter
  • 1 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 0.6 ounces dry Italian dressing mix
  • ½ teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes, optional


  1. Boil the Pasta: Bring a pot of salted water to a rolling boil. Add the thin spaghetti and cook according to package instructions until al dente.
  2. Prepare the Sauce: While the pasta is cooking, melt butter in a skillet over medium heat. Add cream cheese to the skillet and whisk until smooth and creamy.
  3. Add Flavor: Incorporate Parmesan cheese, garlic powder, and dry Italian dressing mix into the skillet with the cream cheese mixture. Whisk until all ingredients are well combined and the sauce is smooth.
  4. Combine Pasta and Sauce: Once the pasta is cooked, drain it, reserving about 1 cup of the hot pasta water. Return the skillet with the cream cheese sauce to medium heat. Add about 1/4 cup of the reserved pasta water to the sauce, whisking until smooth.
  5. Coat the Pasta: Add the cooked pasta to the skillet with the sauce, mixing well to ensure every strand is evenly coated. Continue adding pasta gradually until all is coated with the creamy sauce.
  6. Adjust Consistency: If the sauce appears too thick or clumpy, add a bit more pasta water to achieve the desired consistency.
  7. Serve and Garnish: Sprinkle crushed red pepper flakes, extra Parmesan cheese, and fresh parsley over the pasta if desired.
  8. Enjoy: Serve immediately and relish in the creamy goodness of this delectable pasta dish!


  • Prep Time: 5 minutes | Cooking Time: 10 minutes | Total Time: 15 minutes | Servings: 6

Serving and Storage Tips:

  1. Garnish with Fresh Herbs: Enhance the presentation and flavor of your Cream Cheese Pasta by garnishing it with freshly chopped parsley, basil, or chives before serving.
  2. Serve with Garlic Bread: Complete your meal by serving garlic bread or toasted crusty bread on the side to soak up the creamy sauce.
  3. Pair with Salad: Balance the richness of the pasta by serving it with a crisp green salad dressed with a light vinaigrette for a refreshing contrast.
  4. Add Protein: Boost the protein content of your meal by adding grilled chicken, shrimp, or tofu to the pasta for a more satisfying dish.
  5. Sprinkle with Toasted Nuts: For added texture and flavor, sprinkle toasted pine nuts, almonds, or walnuts over the pasta just before serving.
  6. Drizzle with Olive Oil: Finish the dish with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil for a touch of richness and depth of flavor.
  7. Serve with Grilled Vegetables: Accompany the Cream Cheese Pasta with a side of grilled or roasted vegetables such as zucchini, bell peppers, and cherry tomatoes for a wholesome meal.
  8. Top with Bacon Crumbles: Add a salty crunch to your pasta by sprinkling crispy bacon crumbles over the top before serving.
  9. Pair with Wine: Enjoy a glass of crisp white wine such as Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay as a perfect complement to the creamy pasta.
  10. Make Ahead for Meal Prep: Prepare a batch of Cream Cheese Pasta ahead of time and portion it into meal prep containers for quick and convenient lunches or dinners throughout the week.
  11. Freeze Individual Portions: Freeze leftover portions of the pasta in individual freezer-safe containers for easy reheating and enjoyment at a later time.
  12. Reheat with Pasta Water: When reheating leftover pasta, add a splash of pasta water to the skillet to help revive the creamy sauce and prevent it from drying out.
  13. Customize with Veggies: Experiment with different vegetables such as spinach, cherry tomatoes, or roasted bell peppers to add color and nutrients to the dish.
  14. Try Different Cheeses: Substitute Parmesan cheese with Asiago, Pecorino Romano, or Gruyère for a unique flavor profile.
  15. Add Sun-Dried Tomatoes: Incorporate chopped sun-dried tomatoes into the pasta for a burst of tangy sweetness and vibrant color.


  1. Spinach and Mushroom Cream Cheese Pasta: Add sautéed spinach and mushrooms to the pasta for a vegetarian twist packed with earthy flavors.
  2. Creamy Bacon and Pea Pasta: Stir in crispy bacon pieces and cooked peas to the pasta for a comforting combination of smoky and sweet flavors.
  3. Lemon Garlic Cream Cheese Pasta: Infuse the pasta with fresh lemon zest and minced garlic for a bright and zesty twist on the classic recipe.
  4. Creamy Tomato Basil Pasta: Mix in a spoonful of tomato paste and chopped fresh basil leaves for a creamy yet refreshing pasta dish reminiscent of a classic tomato cream sauce.
  5. Cajun Cream Cheese Pasta: Season the pasta with Cajun seasoning and add sliced Andouille sausage for a spicy and flavorful Creole-inspired dish.
  6. Mediterranean Cream Cheese Pasta: Toss the pasta with chopped olives, sun-dried tomatoes, and feta cheese crumbles for a taste of the Mediterranean.
  7. Pesto Cream Cheese Pasta: Swirl in a dollop of basil pesto sauce to the pasta for a burst of herbal freshness and vibrant green color.
  8. Creamy Mushroom and Spinach Alfredo: Combine sautéed mushrooms, wilted spinach, and Alfredo sauce with cream cheese for a decadent and satisfying pasta dish.
  9. Garlic Shrimp Cream Cheese Pasta: Sauté garlic-infused shrimp and toss them with the creamy pasta for a luxurious seafood twist.
  10. Roasted Red Pepper Cream Cheese Pasta: Blend roasted red peppers into the cream cheese sauce for a sweet and smoky flavor that pairs perfectly with the pasta.


  1. Can I use regular spaghetti instead of thin spaghetti? Yes, you can use regular spaghetti or any pasta shape of your choice for this recipe.
  2. Can I use flavored cream cheese? While plain cream cheese works best for this recipe, you can experiment with flavored varieties like garlic and herb or sun-dried tomato for added flavor.
  3. Can I make this pasta dish ahead of time? While it’s best enjoyed fresh, you can make the pasta ahead of time and reheat it gently on the stove with a splash of milk or cream to refresh the sauce.
  4. Can I use fresh garlic instead of garlic powder? Yes, you can use minced fresh garlic for a more intense garlic flavor. Adjust the amount to taste.
  5. Can I make this pasta dish vegan? Yes, you can use vegan cream cheese, dairy-free butter, and omit the Parmesan cheese to make this dish vegan-friendly.
  6. Can I freeze the cream cheese sauce? While you can freeze the cream cheese sauce, it may change in texture upon thawing. It’s best to prepare the sauce fresh when making the pasta.
  7. How do I prevent the cream cheese sauce from becoming too thick? If the sauce becomes too thick, simply add a splash of pasta water or milk to thin it out to your desired consistency.
  8. Can I add protein to this pasta dish? Yes, you can add cooked chicken, shrimp, or tofu to the pasta for added protein and texture.
  9. Can I use store-bought Italian dressing instead of dry mix? While dry Italian dressing mix provides the best flavor, you can use store-bought Italian dressing as a substitute. Adjust the seasoning to taste.
  10. How long will leftovers last in the refrigerator? Leftovers can be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 3-4 days. Reheat gently on the stove or in the microwave before serving.

Cream Cheese Pasta offers a delightful combination of creamy textures and savory flavors, making it a go-to recipe for busy weeknights or anytime you crave a comforting meal. With its simple ingredients and quick preparation, this dish is a winner for both novice and experienced cooks alike. Whip up a batch of this creamy pasta goodness and enjoy a satisfying and delicious meal in no time!